best think on bitcoin to date.

My cousin Rahm has shared some truly awesome and intelligent words with the world on the subject of #Bitcoin.  Rahm is the son of my awesome Onkel Wolfgang and shares his sage wisdom and perhaps most indeed eclipses it in some ways too.

He starts off with…..

“To be honest I don’t trust Bitcoin.

It was created by someone using a synonym and his or her identity has never been revealed. The liquidity is dismal. The timescale for verifying transactions is slow (1), and anonymity is still an issue. The volatility is very high, which can be good if you feel like gambling and possibly making a return or potentially losing a significant amount of money because the time necessary to process the sale didn’t occur fast enough. Since Bitcoin has a limited number of cryptographic keys that can be used as coins it also has issues with entropy. (2) If someone loses their Bitcoin wallet, all of their coins are lost. Under the current system they cannot be reclaimed or mined again. You are entirely responsible for your own Bitcoin wallet. Last but not least early adopters prove to benefit the most from it, as the initial mining of unique cryptographic sequences were done very easily en masse at its inception and get increasingly”………………….


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Puppets in Paradise

long ago in paradise on turtle island there was a peace priestess she lived where the winters were mild and the land was most fertile.  she kept peace for the men and women who lived off the land she lived in her long house, those who had conflict from as far away as the great forests of the west the tall cliffs of the east and the great glaciers of the north and the great deserts and canyons of the south would go to her long house and meditate with her and learn to love again, to learn how to forgive again. She gave birth to the next priestess for a 1000 generations or more.

Then came the puppets of the Oligarchs the warmongering Plutocrats men of the lie.

They came to rape turtle island and to commit genocide to those who had a belief system that did not include land ownership and the greatest modern lie: Money.

The greatest genocide that is not recognised by main stream history but is the greatest we know of in recorded history. some 200+ million souls would be lost.

The generations of peace were broken when she was fooled and her lovers were drugged with alcohol. The French and English incited conflict between her lovers by enraging them in battle while abusing their senses with their European elixirs.

One of her lovers died in the fight between the two, When the surviving lover was brought to her Long House in Paradise she let the fellows of her dead lover have revenge and her second lover was killed. As the sun rose she walked from her Long House in Paradise west never to be seen again, never to help the many nations seek peace again.

Turtle island lost a great cultural heritage and a great tool of perpetuating peace.

This truth is forgotten by time, this truth should not be forgotten.

This is how the oligarchs and their puppets work, they destroy truth and instil belief systems.

You don’t have to believe in anything but the good and the truth. If you know the good you will be drawn to do it, you will be drawn to seek the truth.

Don’t let the superficial belief systems of this physical world dominated by the Puppets of the Plutocrats distract you from your heart and soul, don’t let suffering overcome you.


the future is ours if we want it.

For many years I have been saying one thing, we can have as a peoples of this great vast wealthy nation anything we desire.

But in this modern epoch, in order to get what we want we must fashion policy dictum, just like lobbyists do.

So what the funk is going on? Why do we just whine? Or wine and dine? While corporations hire lawyers and fashion policy dictum that ends up in next weeks legislation.

We gotta grow up quick, learn the rules of the game and master them.

Lesson 1.

Create boiler plate policy dictum en mass. Then we won’t have to ask why we don’t have a Canada we dreamt of when we were kids full of hope and potential, just like this Nation, this vast land called Kanada.