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Seriously Toronto?

Seriously Toronto? What happened to you? No seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY! What the flying Fuck happened to you? What is going on to make you like this? Was it the rampant now decades deep decent into more and more inhumane neoliberalism? Was it too many rwnj selfish politicians? What was it? Just give me a […]

lazy #DMCA DragNET

*WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE* So this morning I awoke to a robot misidentifying a tweet a posted to the internet around 2.5 years ago.. here is the original tweet @troothinfo http://www.stephenibaraki.com/audio/Nova_Spivack_2011.mp3 … download that for an honest holistic approach of the eminent future. 2:30 AM – 27 Sep 2011 It seems the poorly engineered robots over at  Internet […]

Rescue your muncipality by Wolfgang Lindemann for Whistler BC

Copied from https://www.placespeak.com/topic/597-resort-municipality-of-whistler-2013-budget/# Forward: Wolfgang Lindemann is one of the greatest men I have known in my life, luckily he is also my Onkel, my mothers big brother. He has taught me many things about life on this planet, about women, about spirituality, meditation, healing, suffering, knowing self and much more… He is a learned […]

Puppets in Paradise

long ago in paradise on turtle island there was a peace priestess she lived where the winters were mild and the land was most fertile.  she kept peace for the men and women who lived off the land she lived in her long house, those who had conflict from as far away as the great forests of the west […]

#Canada: the richest nation in the entire world

( in a way: a bit of a ‘Manifesto’ for Canadians ) Canada is the richest nation on the planet. The most resources per capita of any single sovereign nation that ever existed. Canada does not need to export anything to sustain. Canada does not need to import anything to sustain. We could: -Grow any kind of fruit […]


Toronto. O Toronto. Why Toronto Do I love you so Toronto? Do I love you? so Toronto? Good god, maybe more than any woman Any woman I ever loved since Toronto has never betrayed me like a human could. Ooooo Toronto I love the smell of you Toronto In the fall In china town when […]

the future is ours if we want it.

For many years I have been saying one thing, we can have as a peoples of this great vast wealthy nation anything we desire. But in this modern epoch, in order to get what we want we must fashion policy dictum, just like lobbyists do. So what the funk is going on? Why do we […]

social advocacy & Videography

I recently had an awesome opportunity given to me randomly at Open Streets Hamilton, on James Street North. I went to the event with the hopes of finding the hand drummer that I shot a clip of and published to my youtube channel back in the summer at a previous Open Streets event on James. […]

Canada’s Great Prime Minister

“Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile… Once a nation parts with control of its credit, it matters not who makes the nation’s laws… Usury once […]