Seriously Toronto?

Seriously Toronto?

What happened to you?

No seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY!

What the flying Fuck happened to you?

What is going on to make you like this?
Was it the rampant now decades deep decent into more and more inhumane neoliberalism?
Was it too many rwnj selfish politicians?
What was it?
Just give me a fucking clue.

Sure I know it’s not one little thing, of course it’s many ‘things’ but what made you give up or give in so easily to this greed?
This ‘market speculation’ in housing?
Were there that many of us that were getting rich off of you?
Was it the real estate industry that was lying to us all by cooking the books?
You don’t even know do you?
How could you, but shouldn’t you have known?
Shouldn’t have your ‘community leaders’ have seen the warning signs?
Didn’t anyone want to ensure this city was vital and was aiming more for the divine?
Or was this your destiny?
Was this your hope for the many?

Oh Toronto what has become of you.

I’ve come to be sick and tired of you.

Perhaps if I owned some dirt in you,
I wouldn’t be so sick and now tired of being in you.

My dreams you held,
my hopes you felled,
the love we had,
it’s gone now, replaced with sad.

Oh Toronto, where did you go?
Was it a dream? A fantasy of a mid ’90s angst filled coming of the change?

Maybe you never existed, but in the heart and soul.
Maybe you were a delusion of hope once given to some of us all.

So much potential,
oh so much not for the reverential.

You ignore your true past,
the first nations people’s remain aghast,
rotting and sleeping in packs,
while you tear the remnants treating them like trash.

Toronto you were supposed to be good,
you were supposed to be for all of us,
not just the rich or lucky ones.

Your leaders don’t care do they?
They can’t afford to care can they?

I tire of wondering now.
I grew tired of hoping you’d change.
I gave up,
now it’s time to go away.

Probably to never return.

You aren’t living up to being a place for all people that we expected and hoped you were meant to be.

A city a place where the world came to meet, where anyone could make it, where all people from all cultures were accepted.

Now replaced with hegemonic corporate greed.

No place for any human to succeed.

Only the rich may apply.

Toronto is closed to those of spirit and creativity. Go some where else to build your home and family. Toronto does not want you and your riff raff.

Toronto only wants your cold hard cash.

So Toronto, FUCK YOU, and your capitalist overlords.
Your relentlessly greedy scum.
Fuck you to the end of the earth.

We’re so fucking done.

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