Rescue your muncipality by Wolfgang Lindemann for Whistler BC

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Wolfgang Lindemann is one of the greatest men I have known in my life, luckily he is also my Onkel, my mothers big brother. He has taught me many things about life on this planet, about women, about spirituality, meditation, healing, suffering, knowing self and much more…

He is a learned self taught gent of scholarly orientation and deeply rooted passion for educating his fellow man.

The piece below is a near manifesto he has prepared for his fellow human that occupy space in the Municipality of Whistler in BC.

Read it and understand that this applies to you and your fellow humans in your own community.

We can rise up and furnish our municipal corporations with our policy dictum, we can hold them to be expressions of our will, for the good of all in our land.

Above else, ENJOY ;)




Explorations worthy of dialogue – the coma code worth shattering

It’s not just about the budget alone its what lies beneath the common sense responsibilities of our public trustees crunching the numbers to achieve a fiscally responsible architecture? Good hard working people of our community working in a system that under careful scrutiny is a modern day slavery system that not only refuses to honour and acknowledge our freedoms and full powers given to us by the Creator but wants to remind you that you need govt when in fact it is the other way around.

ie: Lets say We want to save our ancient trees and protect our diversity; We draft a Biodiversity Protection People’s Act. WE then Give the government an order! We do not ask the govt. for permission for then We would be begging to be under their jurisdiction lost in legal land tangled in opinions designed to usurp the unity in our community. Well, children ask for permission.

We give a gift that keeps on giving, a mandate by the people. How? We come together to discuss our choices and determine what We want keeping in mind for the highest good for all concerned.

We convene a Court by the People for the People (not under the jurisdiction of the private Bar Guild Houses) led by our ecclesiastical authority as the true law makers given to us by the Creator.

1) What is the foundation of this Muni House? Is this house built upon transparency, accountability and good faith at the very core of its corporate structure?

1a) Has this govt. corporate model been built upon moral hazard violating the Clean Hands Doctrine?

1b) Are We in full control of our community purse? Obviously We are not. Why not? Why is this most overlooked exploration of the very foundation of the budget never brought up in Council Meetings?

2) What is preventing us from having full command of all our incoming and outgoing streams of revenue and the building of value for all people in our community?

2a) Taxes: Why do we not hear dialogue about initiatives to lower property taxes? Why are We saddled with zero property taxes as the only viable option worthy of some kind of celebration?

2aa) Why are We not lowering business taxes and challenging the abomination of income taxes having never achieved royal ascent? Please do the research you will not find the royal ascent.

2aaa) Why are We not exposing and challenging how the provincial and federal corporate complex is so addicted for the fruits of our labour and energy well above the the energy they need to take care of our basic infrastructures.

2b) Victimization: Why are We so Stockholm-ed and conditioned to being obedient acquiescent slaves trained to believe that this is the best democracy money can buy?

2bb) Why do We forever welcome the official story that We are obligated to pay our fair share; only to discover the fair share is but an extortion of our human resources?

2bbb) Why does the accounting double entry book keeping keep us trained as modern slaves while the Banker Elites continue to trade annuities, bonds and derivatives against our human capital as stock on the global plantation market grid?

Before the government joined the G7 We had no real National Debt at all, about 20 Billion. But Canadians somehow don’t even recall the greatest banking crime in our history despite the stats are all available on Canada Statistics. In 1987 the National Debt (to the private banking parasites) shot up to over 400 Billion a nice big fat pay check for the banksters on our dime.

2c) Our only hope is for more people to wake up and stop feeding the masters that want us to remain as slaves to feed their global empires.

2d) Where are our dividend cheques from all the great wealth our land and energy harvests; is it all siphoned off by the parasitic (elite) stockholders of this commonwealth?

3) If our Budget had a voice what would it want to say?

Perhaps this latent voice would ask: how much money (ball park) We as a community bring in through all taxes and fees – ALL REVENUE including provincial and federal income taxes.
Total Amount lets say maybe about 1.5 to 2 Billion Dollars per year.

Just imagine the amazing amounts of wealth We bring into our community, and We have absolutely no say on where it goes. Why do We give this response-ability up to the state?

4) Does Our Budget address the full comprehensive report – the side affects and causal origins? The People who draft the Budget are they aware of the curtain of deception hiding the back story of how We got here, how We pay for our invisible prison? There are those who may counter and say but we are living the dream, however one might ask those folks who are making minimum wages too.

4a) So is it then fair to say We allow our Fiduciary Trustees to use our money to enslave us because they are doing their due diligence transfixed by the legalities of the (LGA/CC) Local Govt. Act and Community Charter Bibles enshrined at the Muni House?

4b) I’m just askin’ what no one seems to want to ask? Do all the spin and justifications of Canada Nice heal the wounds from all the domestic abuse We suffer at the hands of the larger pretend government.
We know something is not right in our society, most of us can’t seem to put our finger on it yet We know its there and We feel helpless to do anything about it. Not anymore!

For together we are a powerful force to build excellence throughout all levels of our community, lower fees and taxes, building a stage for scientific innovation and increasing the quality of life on all levels for ALL PEOPLE.
Who doesn’t want that? Why would we want to settle for less? And yet We do!
Why do we settle for less and less and end up paying more and more?

Please remember involuntary slavery is against all international laws and our constitution But voluntary slavery is not and here is the rub; they the system must trick you into volunteering through signing onto Certification of your Birth or Citizenship or giving up your standing as the principal creditor while the banks are the real debtors using our energy to make money out of thin air and then flipping our PROMISSORY NOTES ten or more times making a fortunate off of us even when they never got our permission to modify our loan turning it into a security and we never see any royalties, this happens on a local level right up the financial food chain.

The corporate model of our LGA from the late nineteenth century is designed to centralize power over us and all they need is our implied consent not even our free will consent.

This is not a user fruit of the tree friendly system. Do We want to continue eating from the tree of conditioned knowledge designed to feed our invisible prison fertilized by the rotting corpus?

4c) Do We hold our local government leaders accountable for their lack of knowledge, research and transparency regarding exactly how much of Our Community Purse is being controlled by a handful of share holders of the British Columbia Province of Corporation, aka, CIK #0000836136 on the >SEC.GOV> website?

5) How much money (ball park) did Whistler receive since 1975. The answer would be approximately between 15 and 20 BILLION. How much of that 20 Billion did we get to keep and share with Community and build and maintain what we want when we want?

5a) How much of that money did We speak for? Not too much. Certainly not with full powers?

6) The assumption that a few people in a govt. corporation have the power and authority to control our community purse would be considered a major conflict of interest by any standards of integrity & common sense in keeping w/ the good faith claims of our sovereign powers as We the People.

7) Yes our Muni has worked hard under the centuries old government system as referred to in the LGA and CC. A Community Charter without the Unity of our self determination. We the People are not asking the Muni to just work hard for us and we appreciate it immensely, however We are also asking the Muni to work with a higher level of awareness and competence and a backbone that is capable of taking the [sic] “Red Pill” and then seeing with eyes wide open and addressing the aberrations of the current system that continues to treat us as a their Human Batteries in the name of good governance but failing tragically in their arrogance to acknowledge where they get their authority.

8) Please look at the Community Charter and the LGA upper left hand of the first page, they gave you all a clue. You see it? Yes the statutes are copy righted. Why? Only private companies copy right their intellectual property. Laws by the people are open source.

9) Why do we allow a modern day slavery system that controls the majority of our revenue purse by a handful of people that live outside of our community?

10) Why do we as a community give away our full powers away year after year to pretend governments writing pretend laws that we believe we must obey or else out come the govt. guns and kevlar.

11) As you are aware or not in our Constitution section 32 regarding who does the Constitution apply to? Well it applies to only governments and their agencies. Most of us do not have a pay slip from the government. So how can the parliamentary statutes and acts apply to private individuals and private companies? They can’t!

How can they? Because they said so.

12) Irrefutable Current Fact – We Are Not In Charge Of Our Community Purse!

12a) We are just allowed to create a budget and follow the mandates set by the rules of a corporate architecture, surreptitious and foreign to our humanity, solely created by hidden stock holder parasites.

13) We propose an exploratory strategy whereby We as a Community give writs, orders and new mandates that we are to be consulted on our Community purse for all monies brought in or out of our Town?

14) We the good People of this Community have the right and authority to command at our pleasure a lawful covenant between the governing body/council that Our Full Powers of body, mind and spirit shall Stand above any inferior statute by the LGA/CC.

14a) And if our Council is unwilling to seal a sacred covenant between us acknowledging our sovereignty that no man, entity or outer authority can come between us and the Divine and the rights given to us by the Divine then they do not belong as our Council.

That We the People are the true Law Makers for We have claimed full powers of the ecclesiastical authority given to Us by the Creator as his Trustees and heirs of his property and authority for We are alive in him, We breathe, Our Blood flows with the breath of his spirit.

14) We propose an exploratory strategy to enact Laws by the People to be in charge of our community purse so that We could explore the lowering of the imposed property taxes to (-0) minus zero levels?

15) Since all governments are limited liability corporations they have up until now placed us in the box of being incompetent without full powers even as we stand in honour the agencies of government cannot risk the People to become morally responsible men and women of flesh and blood of full liability.

16) Under the current system are We not still being treated as, ie: “we’ll give the people the opportunity to express their ideas but we won’t mention that we don’t want to give them full powers (especially since they have not demanded it) of a veto voice on all major issues and full powers to co-create more efficient and creative models.

17) As a staffer or councilor it is your duty to know who you are working for. You would probably say that you represent the People of this fine community. I know that you are good people and care about Our community, that is why I want to be assured that you are fully competent to do your job, for We are paying you extremely well and We are counting on you to use our money to make this community free of the slavery system that is currently in place under the government-anarchy system as reflected in the LGA and the CC.

18) Some of you have told me that the Local government Act and Community Charter is just fine as it is. We are not advocating that we throw out the admiralty monster with the bath water.

19) Does the LGA/CC advocate the substance of the People’s Full Powers standing over and above the (legal) form and fiction, does it acknowledge that our Divine Substance is indeed superior over the inferior legal form. NO IT DOES NOT- IF IT DID IT COULDN’T CREATE A SLAVE SYSTEM

20) It would be on the scale of the ridiculous to even attempt to get a legal opinion from fictitious legal addictions of a legally colored form claiming presumptive powers of guardian, beneficiary and executor over our Estate Body over all things temporal and spiritual.

21) Please I encourage you to look deeper at the language. No where does the LGA & CC honour the full powers of the people nor does it create, promote or allow a sacred covenant between the governing body (Our Council) and the People; nor does it acknowledge the People as a sacred Tribunal of Body Mind and Spirit. It quietly presumes power of authority over our body, mind and creative labour.

22) Thus we are politely allowed to have rights and obligations to a legislature not of our making.
But then again what is Legislation? When one studies the provenance of corporate legislation one finds legislation as corporate rules on pieces of paper that cleverly removes law and replaces it with the legal will of the politicians and their agents under the organized pseudo-legal commercial admiralty system.

23) Our relationship with the government is a trust agreement. So in every important turn We must pay close attention and demand (politely and respectfully) that the government agent show cause that they are not in breach of trust by their actions should they fail to honor the superior jurisdiction of the flesh and blood man, our Creator and the rule of law. Please refer to the preamble of the Constitution.

24) We want Council to use our money to expand our freedoms and honour Our full powers. We want Council to use our money to elevate our communication/educational tools to acknowledge that our voice is the true Law within our community.

25) How can government represent us? It can’t! It falters as a re-presentation of our true standing diluted and diminished by their exclusive control. If government fails to allow the true presents of our standing they have admitted to being a bully claiming to know what’s best for all of us.

26) If our Councilors choose not to awaken and fail to offer their response – ability to our lawful standing as given to us by the creator we will know that their loyalty and support lies with a system that betrays the founding principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

27) In the event that We are legally challenged by the colour of law We as a community must then hold a true Dejure Court by the People with an appointed People’s Congress to voice are pleasure and self determination that We do not answer to inferior Roman Cult legal systems.

We are at the genesis of new times of a greater response to our courage, our abilities, our wealth, our awareness, our greater freedoms, our caring, our sharing and our loving.

The question is, how much freedom and full powers and responsibility do you want to embrace to create a world of our unique collective awareness guided and blessed by our beloved Creator?

Blessings; Wolfgang

Standing with Honor– Why the Elite cannot risk people to become morally responsible:
“In contrast when we have spoken about personal responsibility we refer back to those most basic lessons we can find in history from the most famous of teachers whether we come from the Islamic faith and the teaching of Mohammed or the Buddhist faith and the teachings of Buddha, or from the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ, or if we come from the indigenous faith, a traditional faith, and the history and stories of heroes of value. No matter what culture we come from it doesn’t take long to dig and find that the principles of personal responsibility are almost identical..”
Frank O’Collins

Sovereign Law Article 180 Commonwealth Law Form by Ucadia

Canon 6754 A Corporation, also referred to as a “company” is a 16th Century ecclesiastical and legal term meaning a corporate body possessing an instrument of incorporation and rules of authority and having legal personality according to one (1) or more statutes of a state or estate. A Corporation is one (1) of three (3) types of companies, the other two (2) being a Society and a form of Statutory Trust.

Canon 6755
All Corporations owe their existence and legitimacy to the 16th Century dogmata of Venetian – Roman Law, in particular to Peccatum Originale (original sin), mundi (underworld), spiritus sancti (holy ghost), mortmanus (dead ghost), corpus (dead body), persona (death mask), salvatio (salvage) and sacramentum septem (seven sacraments):


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