O Toronto.

Why Toronto
Do I love you so Toronto?

Do I love you? so Toronto?

Good god,
maybe more than any woman
Any woman I ever loved
since Toronto has never betrayed me like a human could.

Ooooo Toronto
I love the smell of you Toronto

In the fall
In china town when the garbage stews

Ooooo Toronto
I love your sidewalks
Full of people
Young and old
Rich or poor

A love sickness for me I do deplore
Gotta go home to

Awww Toronto
You’re always groing with more humans in you

Oooo Toronto I don’t know why I ever left you
You never cried
You never yelled
You never LiED
We have a special relationship that stands the test of time

I’m out in the sprawl now, on a hill in Hamilton
But I can see you Toronto from the brow
And you’re calling me,
But it’s not too far

Your test of time
My leaving you
My greatest crime

I must return
To where my heart was born
Where my heart remains

To the best place in all the world for a human to remain

Dearest Toronto.


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