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I recently had an awesome opportunity given to me randomly at Open Streets Hamilton, on James Street North. I went to the event with the hopes of finding the hand drummer that I shot a clip of and published to my youtube channel back in the summer at a previous Open Streets event on James. I did not end up finding him. I was preparing to leave after riding my bike up and down James from King to Guise when a woman came up to me and said ‘excuse me I was wondering if you would be willing to shoot some video for us, of some street theatre that we are performing in a few minutes’. Of course I said yes immediately, not having a clue nor worrying about what I could be potentially getting into, it did not matter really. The day was wide open to possibility as far as I am living life these days, most days are.

So there I was on James with some social advocates from the local Hamilton Chapter of Council of Canadians and members of the local, posing as members of the CONservative party of Canada. They were asking passers by if they would be interested in matching government subsidies/tax breaks to the Tar Sands by making a $40 individual donation.

This rouse made for good moments and frank reactions, and is exactly the type of thing I have been very much seeking to do. Simply I could do this every day of my life, I only wish I had the computing power needed to edit videos like this on my own. I need a tiny bit more equipment to be truly enabled as a one man mini documentary a day, studio on two feet.

As time passes in the next few months I hope to be able to acquire work in marketing in social advocacy in Toronto, I expect to be moved there by the spring, I have a room mate lined up for the spring too, or I will head to the deep far north and get work in the mines and save up some money so I can get the tools I need and head to Toronto to do what I Love and seek work in Marketing working for social advocacy/non profits.

In the interim, if you have a cause and you need some video, or better yet if you have a really creative way of getting people to think like Dante and Elysia did with the video below, please get in touch with me! I would LOVE to help bring your idea to the world with video.

There is another project I worked on over the weekend in Ancaster Creek with Alan Hansell of Ancaster from the Stewards of Cootes Paradise Watershed, where we cleaned out over 50 shopping carts and several dozen tires. An edited video will be forthcoming, this week, I hope. Stay tuned to me on twitter @ENBertussi or me on facebook for details of that awesome project. A huge Hamilton city wide spring cleanup is in the early planning stages for the first Sunday after Easter in the spring of 2013. So look forward to a much more pristine garbage free Hamilton in 2013.

As well contact me if you think you can help me acquire or would like to contribute to helping me gather more tools for my documentary film making endeavours and social advocacy mini docs.

Love to you all, keep hoping for me.


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