I am a spirit in a physical human being living on a rock in the vacuum of outer space. I Photograph/Videograph things too. 647 529 5259 PiN:2A646426 BBM me ENFJ

As an active Creative Director and Art Director with more than 15 years of experience, I have a full package of services to aid companies of any size, in all sectors to successfully grow. I can accommodate any budget, from providing a simple website or logo, to a complete branding/identity and marketing package.

My full range of services includes:

-Logo design
-Branding/Identity work, mobile friendly branding
-Graphic design work
-Company naming with a neologistic approach (the invention of a new word) mobile and social friendly
-Philosophy statements (rather than “tag lines” or “slogans”)
-Photography work and post production
-Videography work and editing (documentary style approach)
-Complete website building of any complexity, using wordpress tools, CMS (content management system), and woocommerce for e-commerce
-Complete marketing plans including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and image-centric marketing (pinterest, tumblr, instagram)
-Domain registration service and securing of social media accounts
-Social media usage planning and training

My newest venture is LuxeFlesh, we design and manufacture high end corsets and lingerie in Canada. LuxeFlesh is also an example of my work, where my duties included acting as Creative Director for branding and naming, website building and continuing marketing efforts. I also act as assistant designer of the garments.

In my free time, I also enjoy working on my own photography and documentary projects. Architecture is my favourite subject, primarily because the subjects are so co-operative..I have a passion for creating documentaries, my subjects include mostly social advocacy work, the human condition and respect for the planet. I love creating music, an art that I will return to when time allows.